Karen Bartleson is the Senior Director of Community at Synopsys and the President of IEEE Standards Association. Through her roles at Synopys and at IEEE-SA, Bartleson has the opportunity to meet with other leaders who share OpenStand’s goal of creating a global community of open innovation. She is a huge advocate for the OpenStand movement.

Last November, she attended the Global Standards Symposium (GSS) in Dubai. During this series of meetings, she noted some concern related to governments controlling and regulating Internet standards. However, this concern did not seem to overshadow the messages supporting and endorsing open, market-driven standards. According to Bartleson, the message in favor of open standards development in fact gained momentum at the symposium, citing Cisco’s presence as an example.

Monique Morrow, a distinguished engineer at Cisco and early advocate for OpenStand has led Cisco’s open endorsement of OpenStand. She also attended GSS. Morrow offered these views at the symposium, voicing opposition to Internet regulation: “What I observed was that in the world forum, the Internet is here. What we don’t want to do is regulate that Internet. We at Cisco stand for OpenStand. It’s really a market driven approach to standards. This is extremely important because we believe innovation can be harnessed through an open Internet.”

Bartleson also reflects on a March interview with Russ Housley, who at the time was the chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The IETF helps to maintain order of the internet by producing standards in Internet protocols, which are voluntarily adopted by networks. In the following video, Housley goes on to explain how some of the IETF Internet standards are developed and maintained and shares his perspective on the critical nature of open standards.


Bartleson says she will continue to “be a proud advocate of the OpenStand paradigm of modern, global standards,” asserting that OpenStand is the paradigm that has been embraced by her industry.

We are thankful for Bartleson’s continued support and outspoken advocacy. Here’s how you can become an OpenStand advocate: