Recently, a group of Internet giants lobbied new U.S. President Donald Trump to cut Internet regulations.

The group, consisting of Google, Facebook, Amazon and others, are lobbying for better trade agreements and more lax regulation to support the freedom and growth of the Internet. In addition, the proposal covers areas such as protecting fair use in online copyright law, lowering taxes on intellectual property profits and increasing net neutrality to foster a free and open Internet.

An article from Computer Business Review points out many of the highlights of this lobbying effort as well as pointing out how it is a “change in tune” from many of these Silicon Valley heavyweights who previously declared Trump to be a “disaster for innovation.”

In a letter to the President, The Internet Association representing the aforementioned companies laid out a set of policy proposals. The letter stated:

“From its inception, the Internet was built on an open architecture that lowers entry barriers, fosters innovation, and empowers choice. The internet represents the best of American innovation, freedom and ingenuity…The internet now provides individuals and small businesses with instant access to company information, product reviews, price comparisons, and free marketing tools…From standardising data security and breach notification, to protecting encryption standards across digital technologies, leaders in public office must recognize the importance of the Internet as a place where people can share their information and ideas and start and grow their businesses from anywhere in the United States.”

Be sure to let us know in the comments what do you think about this political push from Internet heavy hitters. Should these organizations continue lobbying President Trump for better trade agreements and more lax regulation or stick to their earlier claim that he isn’t right for innovation?