Image: ISOC

The Internet Society (ISOC), an Affirming Partner of the OpenStand Principles, recently released the first in a series of Global Internet Reports. The Reports are designed to showcase current topics that stand at core of ISOC’s work regarding the future of a diverse, multi-stakeholder Internet community. The first Global Internet Report, “Open and Sustainable Access for All,” champions the benefits of an open Internet and the ongoing need to understand the contributions the open Internet has made to global society. In summary, the report:

  • Addresses the benefits and challenges of an open and sustainable Internet
  • Addresses factors that limit or prevent prospective users from access
  • Identifies key milestones in the evolution of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Explores the benefits of the open Internet, extending to education, government, advocacy and participation
  • Outlines specific examples that demonstrate how the open internet has fostered ideas and positive change for governments, business, educators and citizens.

As the report describes, there are still differences in levels of access and openness across countries and addresses the barriers to usage that impact underserved people. As a result, the overall user experience varies significantly by country.  These differences, however, do not originate from issues related to technical standards, but rather from government policy and economic reality.

The report also features a mention of OpenStand.  Leslie Daigle, former Internet Society Chief Internet Technology Officer, wrote about the role OpenStand has played in the evolution of the open and sustainable Internet:

“As the Internet continues to grow, it is increasingly important to recognize this approach’s unique qualities and contribution to the Internet’s overall success — and how it has been part of the equation for successful companies and organizations that use the Internet. The OpenStand approach has given us the building blocks to create previously unimaginable services and opportunities to interconnect the world’s population. By tapping into the world’s greatest engineering talent, and more directly translating those talents into technical solutions, it creates the platform that generates innovation for everyone.”

The ISOC report concludes emphasizing that, as the Internet nears 3 Billion users the traditional Internet model should be honored.  When all stakeholders meet the foreseen challenges ahead, it will be possible to bridge that separates regions and peoples.  With access to an open Internet and an appropriate enabling environment, the resulting benefits of the Internet are limited only by the imagination and efforts of its users.

The Internet Society is working towards making sure that access to an open Internet becomes a global reality. For more about ISOC, please click here. You are also welcome to download this report free of charge, here.