In a day and age where trust is critical, open innovation and open technology standards development principles are increasingly hailed as playing a critical role in driving market-driven innovation. In truth, this isn’t anything new. In fact, OpenStand principles have been effectively used for decades and have served as the foundational principles upon which the Internet and Internet-related technologies were built.

This model works because the OpenStand principles are by nature, globally inclusive, transparent, accessible and embrace voluntary adoption of market-driven standards, based on technical merit. Participants include technologists, inventors, developers, professionals, scientists, engineers, architects, members of academia, industry players, students, civic and government leaders, and other professional organizations.

A parallel model for global standards is one of national body representation. In this model, countries – not companies – are responsible for establishing technical standards, with assigned representation that is not open to all participants.

While OpenStand is not meant to replace the National model for standards development, it is suggested that an open, inclusive, voluntary participation and adoption model for standards development will help ensure market-driven innovation and serve the needs of humanity.

Recently, Karen Bartleson, the Senior Director of Community at Synopsys and the President of IEEE Standards Association summarized these points as follows:

“So the big deal [about OpenStand] is that market-driven standards are being clearly recognized as viable, necessary and beneficial to society. The standards are developed without geographical borders. OpenStand provides a means for articulating to governments and emerging economies what modern global standards can be made of.”

Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Community at Synopsis; IEEE-SA President

Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Community at Synopsis; IEEE-SA President

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