Incorporating open standards in cloud computing will accelerate the pace of technical innovation in our increasingly interconnected world. They will also help unlock opportunities for startups and large companies, as well as the individuals they serve, by offering affordable, fundamental building blocks that will speed time-to-market, fuel performance, drive interoperability, scalability and more.In a recent post on IBM’s Smarter Planet Blog, Jim Smith, General Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures, said that “Open Standards enable essential powerful computing capabilities at entrepreneur friendly cost points, and reduce the high licensing and operating expenses that closed software and hardware solutions impose.” Smith continued by saying, “The open cloud provides startups the reach, speed and scale that support entrepreneurial creativity and agility. It is the canvas for developing the revolutionary mobile, social and big data technologies that will change our world.”

Smith explains why Open Standards are important for startups:

Technology innovators and entrepreneurs are inventing new ways to leverage the open cloud to radically change what is possible in the healthcare, energy and video communication industries. Open standards are critical in driving both speed and scale of innovation.

For example, collaborations such as OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, and OpenNebula stand at the forefront of open cloud standardization as a creators of open source software that is publicly available throughout the design and development process. Such cloud-based stack solutions enable businesses to rapidly roll out new products, add new features, and improve internal systems while preventing technology lock-in with solutions that are supported by a broad range of IT industry leaders.

The OpenStand Principles of cooperation, adherence to principles, collective empowerment, availability and voluntary adoption are essential to the development of open cloud computing. They are also critical to amplifying the pace of technical innovation. Said Smith, “When everybody has a common goal, and a community that is contributing to that common goal, then innovation can truly advance at a more rapid pace than if that system were closed.”

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