It's been three years since OpenStand was founded and The OpenStand Principles were jointly affirmed by our partners at IEEE, W3C, ISOC, IAB and IETF. Join us in celebrating our third anniversary this week!

This week we celebrate the third anniversary of the founding of OpenStand. The OpenStand Principles were jointly affirmed by IEEE, W3C, ISOC, IAB and IETF on August 29, 2012, in an effort to codify and jointly affirm the principles that brought us the open Internet and decades of open, technological innovation. The explosive growth of new technologies has only increased our need to more broadly adopt open, transparent, inclusive, accessible policies as we advance technology for humanity.

The OpenStand principles were created with an emphasis on Standards development. Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) working within the OpenStand paradigm operate according to the principles of balanced representation, consensus, due process, and transparency. This results in the creation of an open, competitive system that has, and continues to produce, standards that are widely recognized for their extensibility and high-quality technical content. Without question, open standards developed using the OpenStand paradigm stand as fundamental pillars for worldwide economic growth and progression in all sectors of the global economy.

In parallel, the OpenStand Principles have also proven to apply on a much broader scale, to support open technology development of all kinds. The OpenStand Principles have also been influential in shaping open source development, yielding new technologies and specifications that support global participation, drive interoperability, encourage healthy competition, fuel innovation and create a market-driven environment that supports freedom of choice.

In addition to encouraging advocacy of the OpenStand Principles among individuals and organizations formally focused on standards development, we encourage non-standards-focused development bodies to leverage the OpenStand Principles as we move into 2016. We stand firm in our commitment to promoting open, market-driven standards and technology development, and to helping secure an open internet and an open future. It is an exhilarating time to be active participants in the rapidly evolving global technological landscape, and we thank our OpenStand Advocates and the SDOs that have submitted Formal Endorsements of OpenStand.

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