New devices continue to proliferate into even the most mundane corners of our everyday life, through mobile, wearable technology, smart-home and smart health devices. However, according to Fast Company tech blogger Ross Rubin, the proliferation of proprietary Android and IOS software and devices doesn’t always support an environment in which open standards flourish. In a […]

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a leading standards development organization and affirming partner and signatory of the OpenStand Principles, recently unveiled a proposal that calls for ad networks and other companies to stop collecting data from users who have turned on do-not-track signals, except for auditing, security, debugging and frequency capping purposes. This proposal, […]

For the past nine years, September 22 has been set aside by open-web advocates and professionals to raise awareness for the importance of open-standards and open-networking principles under the umbrella of “OneWebDay.” The 2015 theme for OneWebDay is “Connecting the Next Billion.” The theme was selected to align with the concurrent Internet Governance Forum (IGF) […]

In a recent post, Web standards expert and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) blogger Virginie Galindo likens standards development to cooking. Galindo compares gathering feedback from web developers to “test[ing] a dish” and seeing if the audience finds it “to [their] taste.” Galindo’s culinary metaphor is a handy one, as it uniquely captures the creative […]

This week we celebrate the third anniversary of the founding of OpenStand. The OpenStand Principles were jointly affirmed by IEEE, W3C, ISOC, IAB and IETF on August 29, 2012, in an effort to codify and jointly affirm the principles that brought us the open Internet and decades of open, technological innovation. The explosive growth of […]

While the sale of electric vehicles represent a small percentage of overall vehicle sales in America, their numbers have skyrocketed over the past few years. As sales increase, the collective need to build, operate and supply charging stations represents an opportunity for open standards. Edward Dodge posted recently about this on the Energy Collective Blog, following […]

OpenStand was formed to align standards development organizations and the open development community itself with a time-tested set of principles or values for open, collaborative, market-driven technology development.  It is our hope that our supporters will carry those values into every-day life and apply them to collaboration, consensus-building, development, policy making, technology development and public […]