Take an Open Stand! As an OpenStand Advocate, you will join a growing community of list of OpenStand Advocates dedicated to applying time-tested values in standards and technology development. OpenStand Advocates serve as catalysts within the open development community, helping ensure the OpenStand Principles are leveraged in global dialog, debate, collaborative problem solving and policy […]

Upholding intellectual property laws in the information age, while also maintaining openness, and preserving commerce requires specific policy initiatives. The Internet is designed to inspire the free flow of ideas and concepts and open collaboration.. It was built to foster research and innovation with participation of the global community. Unfortunately, community members abuse that freedom, […]

The OpenStand web presence is now archived. Open Stand embraces principles for a modern paradigm for standards, where the economics of global markets, fueled by technological advancements, drive global deployment of standards regardless of their formal status. Supported by the inaugural signatory organizations of IEEE, the Internet Society (ISOC), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), [...]