Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Community Marketing for Synopsys and President of IEEE Standards Association delivered a keynote address at the IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop on Tuesday, November 6th. Participants included distinguished executives from General Motors, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, Marvell, Cisco Systems, Siemens, EMC, Stanford, IEEE, ISTO, Echelon, Continua Health Alliance, GE Global Research and many more.

Bartleson addressed a packed room with a strong emphasis on OpenStand.  She directly addressed the merits of open, global, market-driven technology standards and stressed the importance of the OpenStand paradigm for the growth and expansion of technology innovation and the betterment of humanity.

Bartleson began by explaining three things OpenStand is not:

  • OpenStand is not an organization. It’s a name given to a set of tried and tested principles for open technology development that have changed the world as we know it.

  • OpenStand is not NEW.  The OpenStand principles have been in place and have contributed to the exponential technology growth of the past several decades

  • OpenStand is not meant to be a replacement for national body standards models, which have a place and have functioned well in various respects, but is equally powerful and influential for driving technology development success.

As Bartleson explained, OpenStand describes a time-tested paradigm that addresses the needs of global markets. She continued by asserting that global, open market-driven standards are essential for driving the future exponential growth and innovation in an era of convergence.  OpenStand principles can effectively and inclusively shape a future we are calling the “Internet of Things.”

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