OpenStand 2 year anniversaryTwo years ago, on August 29, 2012, IAB, IEEE, IETF, ISOC and W3C agreed to affirm and uphold a set of established, time-tested principles that have helped drive innovation of the last two decades. The “OpenStand” Principles were drafted and jointly affirmed to help mobilize ongoing global support for the application of open, market-driven principles for standards and technology development. Since then, the OpenStand principles and values have become an increasingly relevant, influential, unifying force in public discussion.

As we approach our two-year anniversary, we are reaching out to OpenStand supporters to obtain feedback regarding the present and future state of open standards and open development.

We’ve created a relatively simple, three-question survey and we’d love your input! We will be reviewing and highlighting various responses on the OpenStand blog in a series of upcoming blog posts in August and September. Will you join us in celebrating and highlighting OpenStand’s anniversary by voicing your thoughts? We estimating this will be a 5-15 minute exercise, depending on how much you choose to share. We also welcome you to share this survey with others.

Thanks for standing with us in support of open innovation!