We are approaching the two-year anniversary of OpenStand. There have been many dedicated presentations about OpenStand, and OpenStand has been featured in a good many presentations over the past two years. However, we thought we’d share our “What is OpenStand” presentation. Please feel free to download, share and embed this presentation:

OpenStand – Principles for Open Standards and Open Development

While you’re here — in celebration of OpenStand’s two-year anniversary, we also want to include the perspectives of our reader and supporter community regarding the present state and future of open standards. We’d appreciate your input.

The OpenStand principles do more than just align standards organizations – they have established a modern paradigm for standards and technology development that is open, collaborative, inclusive and market-driven.  It is our hope the OpenStand values will serve as the bedrock for future technology innovation, and that open standards continue to benefit people, industries, markets and nations of the world.