On their own, open source development and open standards are beneficial to business and industry. Open source code and development practices provide developers greater latitude for collaborative development that fuels innovation and growth. Open standards serve as the foundational building blocks for products, helping streamline product development and ensure product improvement in the areas of efficiency, safety, performance, interoperability, and more. Put open source and open standards together, and the results can be game-changing.

When open source code and open standards are used in conjunction, however, “some serious business magic” happens, according to Tesora blogger Ron Miller. Miller uses the open source cloud platform OpenStack, as an example to prove this point.

“While there isn’t a standards body per se, is working actively to implement a standard set of procedures for communicating with the various levels of the cloud stack.” says Mille, who asserts that by putting new standards together to make the various parts of the cloud stack interoperable, it becomes even more powerful. “That’s precisely what the OpenStack community is trying to do” Miller said.

OpenStack’s software controls large pools of computer, storage and networking resources within a data center, managed via dashboard that provides administrator control while allowing developers to instantly provision resources through API or Web interface. So far, this is working well, as over 1,200 companies have joined the OpenStack Foundation expressing a commitment to support the open-source cloud platform.

Tesora is one such supporter that is collaborating with and contributing to one of OpenStack’s latest projects called “Trove.” The mission of Trove is to deliver an enterprise-class database as a service platform. The Trove project takes advantage of the shared services, computer, networking and storage found within OpenStack, so that users can provision database as a service in their environment.

“The combination of standards and open source can drive a project and help create open and interoperable systems” said Miller. “…for a business, you can’t get much more flexible than that.”

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