Joint Statement of Affirmation

Inaugural Signatories

Over the past several decades, the global economy has realized a huge bounty due to the Internet and the World Wide Web. These could not have been possible without the innovations and standardization of many underlying technologies. This standardization occurred with great speed and effectiveness only because of key characteristics of a modern global standards paradigm. The affirmation below characterizes the principles that have led to this success as a means to ensure acceptance of standards activities that adhere to the principles.


We embrace a modern paradigm for standards where the economics of global markets, fueled by technological advancements, drive global deployment of standards regardless of their formal status.

In this paradigm, standards support interoperability, foster global competition, are developed through an open participatory process, and are voluntarily adopted globally. These voluntary standards serve as building blocks for products and services targeted at meeting the needs of the market and consumer, thereby driving innovation. Innovation in turn contributes to the creation of new markets and the growth and expansion of existing markets.

Lynn St.Amour
President and CEO
Internet Society
Russ Housley
Internet Engineering Task Force
Bernard Aboba
Internet Architecture Board
Jeff Jaffe
Steve Mills
IEEE Standards Association


Additional Signatories

We are adding a list of standards organizations who formally endorse the OpenStand principles. If you would like to add your standards organization as an official signatory on the Joint Statement of Affirmation, please contact us.

Dr. Andrew Grimshaw
Chair, OGF Board of Directors
Open Grid Forum