Take an Open Stand!

As an OpenStand Advocate, you will join a growing community of list of OpenStand Advocates dedicated to applying time-tested values in standards and technology development. OpenStand Advocates serve as catalysts within the open development community, helping ensure the OpenStand Principles are leveraged in global dialog, debate, collaborative problem solving and policy making. Within this open, market-driven, collaborative context, the time-tested values of OpenStand can continue to shape future models for collaboration, forming the bedrock for future technology development.

Here’s how to stand with us an OpenStand Advocate:

1.  Display a site badge on your website to share with others
2. Become Personally Active

  • Embody the principles in a personal/professional capacity
  • Become informed on key areas of national/international debate and policy making that impact the future of open technology development
  • Use your voice to help ensure OpenStand Principles are leveraged in public debate, development, and policy making
  • Help others understand the critical role OpenStand Principles play to ensure the future of technology development
  • Encourage your organization to support OpenStand