The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) recently held their IOT Developer seminar/webinar “How Developers Can Get the Most Out of IoT Standards and Tools.”  This developer-focused event gave an overarching view of the industry standards and tools that are fostering interoperability and market growth in the Internet of Things (IoT). Presented in conjunction with the IoT Singapore group, #IOTSG, the seminar featured both international and local presenters offering their insights for active IoT developers. Highlights from the seminar included:

  • A presentationby Amit Shah, Head of R&D, IOT Business Unit, Nokia covering the Importance of Use of Standards and Protocol Validation Services. This talked focused on ways to bridge the gap between standards and developers in the IoT space. He focused on the importance of interconnectivity, the growing opportunity for IoT, and the very real obstacles IoT faces. He then delved into ways to solve and overcome those obstacles starting with bridging the developer standards gap through certification programs.
  • Also of note was the presentation by Nicolas Damour, Senior Manager, Business and Innovation, Sierra Wireless, Combining LightweightM2M and oneM2M for Developers. This talk was from a developer’s perspective. He laid out the claim that LightweightM2M is a good first step for IoT standards and that oneM2M is a natural extension of LightweightM2M. He then went on to outline the reasons a combination would work from full data semantics to advanced security.

The event, moderated by C K Vishwakarma, Founder of IOTSG, brought together many interesting ideas, concepts and real world solutions. For more information on ways that IoT is engaging various industries across the globe, see all of the presentation slide decks here.

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