OpenStand was formed to align standards development organizations and the open development community itself with a time-tested set of principles or values for open, collaborative, market-driven technology development.  It is our hope that our supporters will carry those values into every-day life and apply them to collaboration, consensus-building, development, policy making, technology development and public awareness efforts.  Here’s how you can become an OpenStand Advocate.

  • Become personally active:
    • Embody the principles in a personal/professional capacity
    • Become informed on key areas of national/international debate and policy making that impact the future of open technology development
    • Help ensure OpenStand Principles are applied and leveraged in public debate, development, and policy making
    • Help others understand the critical role OpenStand Principles have in innovation and the future of technology development
    • Encourage your organization to support OpenStand

If you represent an organization is a Standards Development Organization (SDO), and you’d like to jointly affirm the OpenStand principles for your organization, please contact us.

If your organization is not an SDO, and you would like to submit a public endorsement on behalf of your organization (company, firm, institution, etc.) for OpenStand, please contact us.

Thank you for your support of OpenStand!