In the latest move towards a more open digital world, ACCESS and DTVKit have announced a collaboration that will offer open standards-based solutions. According to both organizations, this partnership will work to reduce development time by providing a pre-integrated Chromium browser and DVB components for HbbTV and HTML5 connected applications.

According to the press announcement, “Open standards are part of the ACCESS DNA, and we are excited to be partnering with DTVKit to extend the options for our browser customers’ connected entertainment platforms,” said Dr. Neale Foster, Managing Director and COO at ACCESS Europe. “Working alongside the DTVkit community enables DVB functionality to be more quickly integrated into connected entertainment devices enabling operators to focus on the areas that differentiate their products, such as compelling HTML5 based UIs, whole-home media redistribution and applications leveraging standards such as HbbTV.”

DTVKit is an independent not-for-profit-organization supported by members who provide subscription fees and expert software engineers to accelerate software development for the Digital Television market. ACCESS Europe is a provider of software solutions for connected TVs, set-top boxes in the connected home, cloud solutions, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and automotive, digital publishing and networking markets.

These two powerhouse organizations understood that in order to continue to thrive in an ever more globally connected world, they had to provide better security and enhanced flexibility – something open standards can provide. As more and more industries see the benefits of open and transparent standards development framework, the better both the internet and its connected devices can work together.

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