On 29 August 2012, IEEE, ISOC, W3C, IETF and IAB jointly affirmed the OpenStand Principles and launched the OpenStand website. The goal of OpenStand remains simple: to mobilize ongoing, global support for the application of open, market-driven principles in technology and standards development.

Through the OpenStand paradigm, we encourage the development of market driven standards that are global and open—enabling standards without borders and driving innovation for the benefit of humanity. In celebration of OpenStand’s two-year anniversary, our upcoming posts will take a look back, and  look ahead, with the help of our community of sponsors.

Over the past two years, the OpenStand principles have successfully:

  • Articulated the values that have driven innovation and market growth for last 25 years
  • Served as a relevant, influential and unifying set of values that support the open standards and technology development community
  • Inspired collaboration beyond technology and standards, into other areas of innovation

By rallying the open development around a time-tested, and common set of values, the OpenStand Principles are increasingly leveraged in public dialog, debate, policy discussions and technology development environments. As OpenStand advocacy grows, global support for the OpenStand Principles and the values of openness, transparency and inclusiveness in technology and standards development will increase. As this happens, the open development community can leverage the OpenStand principles to develop new models for technology collaboration that build upon past success, while addressing today’s challenges.

The OpenStand paradigm and principles based on the effective and efficient standardization processes that have made the Internet and Web the premiere platforms for innovation and borderless commerce that are extensible to other technologies.  They are time-tested and have proven critical to driving the global technology advancements that have served humanity so well in past decades.  The OpenStand Principles stress inclusion and voluntary market adoption — empowering economies around the world to drive global standards deployment, fueled by technology innovation.

Looking ahead, as the world seeks to solve modern collaboration, standardization, security and privacy challenges, applying these principles will play an essential role in securing the future of open, inclusive, market-driven innovation.

Building awareness to preserve these time-tested principles will help secure a future of open, market-driven innovation.  As such, it is our hope that OpenStand values will form the bedrock for future technology innovation.

In the coming weeks we will feature some perspectives from other OpenStand advocates regarding the current and future state of open development based on our survey responses. We hope you’ll stay tuned for more posts and be sure to provide us your comments.

Thank you for standing with us.

OpenStand 2 year anniversary