In previous posts, we’ve discussed at length the need for open standards as a development framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) – and we’re not the only source to repeat this call.

“It’s time to say it loud and clear: we won’t build the Internet of Things without open standards.”

A recent article in Radar titled Toward an open Internet of Things outlines the critical need to develop the IoT with open standards. Innovation and collaboration, as outlined in our Principles, is critical to the success of the internet and IoT. Proprietary standards that don’t foster interoperability and data sharing will not fulfill the promise of the IoT. Yet, our current market perpetuates the impulse to lock down IP for competitive gain and profit. In the long-term, it won’t drive a win for the IoT or the people it serves.  As Radar said it:

“With the Internet of Things, it’s deja vu all over again. The vendors who provide public APIs and support open standards will succeed in the long run. Likewise, the vendors who try to trap consumers behind proprietary software and non-interoperable products will eventually fail, to everyone’s detriment. If you win the IoT, you lose it.”

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