When it comes to what will most impact the Internet in the next five to seven years, the answers, according to a recent report, will be Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cyber threats. The report author, The Internet Society (ISOC), a nonprofit focused on the open development, evolution and use of the internet and an OpenStand Affirming Partner, predicts a mix of promise and uncertainty as we move toward the digital future, and makes recommendations for safeguarding the internet for the next generation.

The 2017 Global Internet Report pulled out six specific drivers in these influencers but is careful to point out how interconnected they all are.

  1. The Internet and the Physical World (meaning the IoT)
  2. Artificial Intelligences
  3. Cyber Threats
  4. The Internet Economy
  5. Networks, Standards & Interoperability
  6. The Role of Government

Each of these areas is explained in further detail in an article in The Journal. One of the most interesting parts of the report revolves around the report’s recommendations. They include:

  • Put users’ interests first with respect to their own data;
  • Act now to close digital divides
  • Take a collaborative approach to security;
  • Build strong, secure, resilient networks;
  • Address the need for online social norms; and
  • Empower people to shape their own future.

In looking at the phrasing and intent of each of these recommendations, these recommendations are all very similar to our own Modern Paradigm for Standards.

Sally Wentworth, vice president of global policy for the Internet Society, said in a statement about the report, “Our extensive research clearly shows that just as when the Internet Society was founded 25 years ago, people believe that the internet’s core values still remain valid — that it must be global, open, secure and used for the benefit of people everywhere in the world.” The full report can be found on the Internet Society site.

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