It’s World Standards Day! Where would the world be without standards? Join us as we take a look at how standards impact our daily lives.

It’s World Standards Day, and a good time to reflect upon the role standards play in our daily lives. As we referenced in this post, standards are of particular importance in how we communicate using technology. Therefore, it follows that the theme of this year’s World Standards Day is “The World’s Common Language.”

The relationship between standards and communication can be seen in the simple relationship traffic signs, symbols and signals and people. Our modern system of transportation communication leverages a common language to instruct motorists how to proceed safely. If our signals did not carry near-universal meaning for all the people on the road, traveling by vehicle would be a good deal more hazardous. Technology standards operate in a similar way. It doesn’t take too much imagination to think of the logistical nightmare that would unfold without standardized formats and protocols for for email, IP addresses or other technology-based communications. Misalignment of our technology based language would not only impact individual communication, but the ability of devices and systems to interoperate and communicate.

In a manner similar to linguistic standards, technology standards make it easier for people and machines to work together. To maximize the benefits of standards, the OpenStand partners, supporters and advocates encourage the development of standards that adhere to the OpenStand Principles. Standards that are developed in an open, inclusive, collaborative, transparent, accessible and market-driven manner can help ensure a future of global innovation, interoperability and economic growth. Open Standards are, in effect, the building blocks for a global common language for technology development and innovation.

We hope you’ll take a minute to look at the OpenStand Principles here and join us in advocating for Open Stand in one of these three ways:

If you are a business that contributes to the development of open standards and/or leverages and benefits from the use of Open Standards, you may contact us to submit your short (>400 character) endorsement of OpenStand. If you are a Standards Development Organization (SDO’s only), you are welcome to contact us to become a signatory on the OpenStand Principles.