OpenStand recognizes the support of OpenStand partners and advocates in the wake of its two year anniversary

In the wake of OpenStand’s two year anniversary, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the support of OpenStand partners and advocates. The goal of OpenStand remains simple: to mobilize ongoing, global support for the application of open, market-driven principles in technology and standards development, and keep development open to a worldwide community of innovators.

Here are a few highlights from our affirming partners:

“As Chair of the IETF when OpenStand was announced, and Chair of the IAB today, I believe also that these principles are fundamental to the Internet’s future success—and that they establish a broader paradigm for standards covering many topics that are fundamental to a thriving global economy and the social wellbeing. The role of standards development organizations is often hidden in everyday life, but the impact of standards is felt by billions of people everyday.”

– Russ Housley, IAB Chair for the IETF blog.

“Looking at the benefits infographicI observe that some, or even most, benefits are generic and apply to the other standards development paradigms as well. But the OpenStand paradigm results in a unique combination of benefits. OpenStand makes explicit what most of us know: The success of the Internet is dependent upon the way it has been developed. In the Internet Society’s “Internet Invariants” paper, this is explained as: “The Internet requires some basic agreements and social behaviour – between technologies and between humans,” after which the paper enumerates “interoperability and mutual agreement,” “collaboration,” and “reusable [technology] building blocks.” All these resonate with the OpenStand principles. The final invariant, “There are no permanent favorites,” is embedded in the voluntary OpenStand principle.

– Mr. Olaf Kolkman, Chief Internet Technology Officer for ISOC for the ISOC blog.

“We would like to encourage governments around the world to refer to and adopt the OpenStand principles, for that harmonization will create positive network effects in the global IT market.”

-Daniel Dardailler, Associate Chair for Europe and Director of International Relations
for W3c for the W3C blog.

We would also like to stand the community of OpenStand advocates for their tremendous support and participation.  The global participation on our survey reflects the nature and scope of the OpenStand Principles. You can view the results of our survey here.

As OpenStand moves forward with the support of the community and Partners. It is our hope that OpenStand values will form the bedrock for future technology innovation. As the world seeks to solve modern collaboration, standardization, security and privacy challenges, applying the OpenStand Principles will play an essential role in securing the future of open, inclusive, market-driven innovation.

Thank you once again for standing with us.