The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) recently held their IOT Developer seminar/webinar “How Developers Can Get the Most Out of IoT Standards and Tools.”  This developer-focused event gave an overarching view of the industry standards and tools that are fostering interoperability and market growth in the Internet of Things (IoT). Presented in conjunction with the IoT […]

Olaf Kolkman, open standards advocate and CTO of the Internet Society (ISOC) (an affirming partner of the OpenStand Principles) has long been focused on the need for collaborative security. This last summer, Kolkman gave the keynote address for the 27th Annual FIRST Conference on the topic of: “Collaborative Security – Reflections about Security and the Open Internet.” […]

In a precent post OpenStand highlighted an industry white paper that projected that the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring billions of new devices to the Internet inside of ten years.  The incipient growth spurt that this field is experiencing is being manifested in many sectors including smart homes, healthcare, smart grids, smart cities, retail, and […]

Ever since their invention in 1937, baby monitors have afforded the parents of small children the ability to keep tabs on their child’s safety without physically being in the same room. While they are designed with safety in mind, new research has revealed that some modern, sophisticated baby monitors come with shockingly unwelcome security vulnerabilities. […]

In the mid-nineties, web browsing was still a fledgling phase, where best practices and standards had not yet been firmly established. Two web browsers dominated the industry: Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. These two software behemoths adopted a “take no prisoners” approach, incorporating an increasing number of proprietary features to lure users and capture […]

On July 10, 2008, Apple launched a digital distribution platform that proved to be a harbinger of tremendous change for how users engage the Internet. In addition to popularizing the word “app” as a shorthand term meaning “application software,” the Apple App Store offered its userbase an integrated repository of services for utilizing Internet resources. […]

The OpenStand Principles promote the values of cooperation and collaboration as critical to the development of an open and thriving web. Where security is concerned, cooperation and collaboration help ensure that stakeholders on all sides of the development and application process can provide input receive due consideration, to maximize benefits for all. Furthermore, when organizations […]